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List  #      B-67
Quantity 200,000 + Individuals & 50,000 + Company


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  • Postcode
  • State
  • Top 500 or 1000 companies
  • Annual Sales Turnover
  • Job Function
  • Industry Key Search
  • Public Company
  • No. of Employees
  • Gender
  • Industry Classification
  • Private Company
  • Salary Range (approx 30% of File)

Data types

data type mail data type telemarketing data type faxing data type email

Pricing – Rates Per Thousand:

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Rental (Once Only Use) Rates
Rates per 1000:
Set Up:
Min. Order:
Postal Data $489.50 $350.00 N/A 98%
Telemarketing Data $489.50 $350.00 N/A 95%
Fax Data $489.50 $350.00 N/A 100%
Email Data $555.00 $350.00 N/A 90%
Additional Fields – eg Emp Size, Revenue, Industry $195.00 $350.00 N/A  
Select by IT Infrastructure   $550.00 N/A  
Purchase (Unlimited Use) Rates
Postal Data $1,660.00 $350.00 N/A 98%
Telemarketing Data $1660.00 $350.00 N/A 95%
Email Data $2,210.00 $350.00 N/A 90%
Standard Purchase (Postal, Telemarketing & Fax Data) $2,400.00 $350.00 N/A 98% Postal Data
95% Tele Data
100% Fax Data
Data Email Purchase (Postal, Telemarketing, Fax & Email) $3,140.00 $350.00 N/A 98% Postal Data
95% Tele Data
100% Fax Data
90% Email Data
Full Purchase (Postal, Telemarketing, Fax & Email Data with Industry, Revenue and Employee $3,680.00 $350.00 N/A 98% Postal Data
95% Tele Data
100% Fax Data
90% Email Data
Additional Fields $380.00   N/A  

10% GST applies to all pricing

Please Note:
  • Email Data from the IncNet Database is sent to you directly from the list owner via email in an Excel format.
  • We are able to arrange to have your email broadcasting outsourced on your behalf.
  • Email Broadcasting is an additional $140 per 1,000 records plus $200 Set Up Fee.
  • The IncNet Email Database does not comply with Anti Spam Legislation. The Client is required to accept all legal responsibility for the email broadcast. For information on Anti Spam Legislation please visit or
  • As this is not an Opt-in database, the list owner requires you to insert an Opt-out link or include a statement at the bottom of the email document providing recipients with details on how they can Opt-out from further communications.

Industry Selection List

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01 Agriculture Fishing, farming, and logging
02 Mining Gold, oil and mineral exploration and/or extrusion
03 Construction Building companies and contractors
04 Manufacturing Production of physical products
05 Transport Movement of people and/or products
06 Communications Media, telecommunications, and postal services
07 Utilities  Services Public utilities and essential services (Electricity, Gas, & Sanitary)
08 Wholesale / Distribution Distribution of products other than to end users
09 Retail Distribution of products and/or services direct to end users
10 Banking / Finance Banks; Money Market Corporations ie Merchant Banks; Finance Companies;  Credit Unions; Building Societies
11 Insurance Insurance Companies; Reinsurance Companies; Insurance Brokers
12 Property Property Development; Property Investment; Real Estate Agents
13 Other Financial Intermediaries Companies involved in investment: Fund Managers,  stockbrokers, Investment Advisers, and Holding Companies
14 Hospitality Hotels; Resorts; Gambling, and Other Leisure Providers
15 Professional Services Services where professional qualifications are required eg Solicitors, Accountants, or where time is sold
16 Other Business Services Services sold to businesses not based on individuals’  qualifications, or not sold on a time basis
17 Consumer Services Any services sold / provided to consumers that is not a  product, eg Health, Education, Dry Cleaning, Security
18 Government Federal, State, and Local
19 Importer  Companies importing overseas manufactured products and services
20 Exporter Companies exporting Australian manufactured products and services


Industry Code

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01 Agriculture 11 Insurance
02 Mining 12 Property
03 Construction 13 Other Financial Intermediaries
04 Manufacturing 14 Hospitality
05 Transport 15 Professional Services
06 Communications 16 Other Business Services
07 Utilities (Electricity / Gas / Sanitary Services) 17 Consumer Services
08 Wholesale / Distribution 18 Government (Federal / State / Local)
09 Retail 19 Importer
10 Banking / Finance 20 Exporter


Job Folder Codes - Senior Management & PA’s

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CEO Chief Executive Officer DIR Director
CHM Chairperson PNR Partner
CT Corporate Treasurer SEC Executive Secretary
CYS Company Secretary SMG Senior Management
DGM Division General Manager SPS Senior Public Servant

 Status Folders

FIN Financial Decision Maker MDM Marketing Decision Maker
HR Human Resources Decision Maker OPS Operations Decision Maker
ITM IT Decision Maker SSM Senior Sales Decision Maker
LOG Logistics Decision Maker    

Available Status Options

OPC Organisational Principal Contact         
PC Principal Contact
MMC Middle Management Contact  
JC Junior Contact


Other Folders

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ACC Accountant LEG Legal Manager
ACD Academic MFG Manufacturing Manager
ADM Administration Manager MGR Manager
AUD Auditor MNT Maintenance Manager
BDM Business Development Manager OFF Office Manager
BRK Broker OHS Occupational Health & Safety Manager
CCM Call Centre Manager OTH Unclassified Personnel
CM Creative Manager PAY Payroll Officer / Manager
CON Consultant PCH Purchasing Manager
CRD Credit Manager PCY Policy Manager
CRM Customer Relationship Management PLN Planning Manager
CRT Contract Manager POL Politician
CS Customer Services Manager PRJ Project Manager
ECM Electronic Commerce Manager PRM Public Relations Manager
EDT Editor/Journalist/Writer PTY Property Manager
ENG Engineer QAM Quality Assurance Decision Maker
ENV Environment Manager R&D Research & Development Manager
EVT Events Manager RSK (Financial) Risk Manager
EXP Export / Import Manager SOL Solicitor
FBV Food & Beverage Manager SUP Superannuation Manager
FLEET Fleet Manager TAX Tax Manager
FMM Fund & Money Manager TCH Technical Manager
IAV Investment Adviser TEL Telecommunications Manager
KNW Knowledge Manager WEB Web Masters & Website Developer
LBY Corporate Librarian    

Formats Available

CSVCSV Image ExcelExcel Image Additional fee of $40 per 1,000 and $25 delivery


2-3 Working Days


  • A sample mail piece, telemarketing script, fax sample or email creative is required upon ordering for approval by the list owner
  • Lists are seeded with false names to detect unauthorised use
  • Payment is required prior to supply unless otherwise arranged
  • Written order confirmation and the completion of our List Supply Agreement is required prior to the supply of data


  • Unless specified the list is supplied for a one time use only
  • The list is not available for competitive products
  • Copying of any list is strictly prohibited
  • Unless otherwise approved the list is to be processed by an independent Mailing House, Fax Broadcaster or Email Broadcaster


  • See List FAQ's for details on pricing calculation
  • Pricing subject to change without notice
  • Quantities available may vary upon the production of the actual list
  • Additional charges may apply for complicated selections or count requests

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