Now you've made it to March, why not make
pathways into untapped markets through the great
avenues on offer in our latest Hit List.

Take a journey into the secret world of investors as they trade market mutterings while you leave a trail for them to follow. Or take a shortcut to the top of over 350,000 Australian organisations with contact details for the hidden decision makers inside.

Or are you seeking those that have travelled the long road themselves? We've got seniors with buying experience and advice from DM stalwarts to steer you in the right direction.

As always, take a quick tour of our site and enter our regular website competition for your chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. Jason Wibberley rose to the challenge last time and went home packing with $100. Nice work Jason.

Safe travels,
Jackie Chappell


Ticket to trader's trust
Share market traders are like a secret club - and we're giving you a key to the clubhouse. Hot Copper is one of Australia's leading financial websites where investors, amateur and serious, share hot tips and advice. They're active and passionate about movements in the market. And now you can bid for their interest with $25K worth of ROS banners, text links and an EDM burst for only $5K.
The offer's on the table till 31 Mar.



Tactical strike at the top
Why assault through the front when a surgical strike on the priority targets is available? The REACH DM Decision Maker database offers you over 400,000 executive decision makers in areas like IT, Marketing, Finance and HR. And with 98% deliverability, you'll have a better chance hitting your mark via phone, post or fax.
Load up with the right data here.



Teach oldies new tricks
From magnetic gel insoles to 300+ drill bit sets, the 50 plus market love innovative yet practical goods. And the Bright Life Australia list contains these regular buyers, making it a great resource if you're looking to send seniors something different to spend their savings on. Fundraising campaigns and publishers have all had success with this data. It's your turn to mail them something magical.
Retire them of some funds here.



Powersuits pay $100
Tell us how many female Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Business Owners and Senior Managers there are on the Female Professionals and Executives list to be in the running for a $100 Visa Gift Card. Email with the answer, and we'll pick one email at random to be the lucky winner. Start searching our site here to find the answer. For full terms and conditions click here.



Set course for DM success
In the Feb 4 issue of B&T magazine leaders in the industry have their say on where we've been and where we're going in the world of Direct Marketing. Take a read of the Directions in DM article to see if you're on the right track.
We'll direct you eyes forward here.



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