This year, it's time to make your business
number one. So let's start on this auspicious
month -
1/11 - with a number of offers to target
businesses or consumers.

Firstly, we've got movie tickets for everyone with purchases over $5,000. Secondly, for the first time on offer, we're introducing the National Business Email List that's 100% Opt-in and privacy compliant. And thirdly, it's time you said hello to affluent homeowners who've got the power and position to keep on spending after the silly season.

Of course our first Hit List competition is back with a $100 Visa Card up for grabs. Congrats also go to Rob Novotny for winning the final competition for 2010.

And before you delve into the details below, remember we're here to make this year your biggest and best. We've spent the break fine tuning our industry leading knowledge and experience to give you the most accurate and positive list recommendations.

And together, we can use the power of lists to make this year number one!

Let's go team
Jackie Chappell


Like a movie with that?
Sometimes, you can put yourself first. So mention the Hit List Movie offer on any orders over $5,000 before January 31st and you'll receive 2 x Gold Class tickets.
Or click here to email us with your order.



Real business emails
Here's another first for Impact Lists. We're bringing you this one of a kind list that is maintained regularily, always growing, and consists of businesses who OPT-IN to receive emails. That's right, they're willing to hear your message. The question remains, what offer can you email them?
Get in business inboxes here.



2011 - year of the spend
For these homeowners, this year (or any year for that matter) is prime time to part with their pay. The cashed up customers on the affluent homeowners list have greater incomes, greater buying needs and greater buying power. This is your greatest chance at reaching them.
Talk to affluent homeowners here



Viva la $100 Visa
Tell us the price per thousand records for Assestlink Mail & Telemarketing Data and go in the draw to win $100 Visa gift Card. Send an email to with the answer, and we'll pick one email at random to be the lucky winner . Start searching our site here to find the answer. For full terms and conditions click here.



We're diggin' that data
As industry leaders, we've returned fully refreshed to make data do more for you. Because we love lists, we worship washing, we treasure telemarketing, we swoon over spreadsheets and yes, we really do delight in data.
Talk to us and see why we're Australia's trusted list provider



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If you do not wish to receive email promotions from Impact Lists, please reply with 'REMOVE' in the subject line.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.