If you're game to 'Jack' up B2B sales before the
new financial year, we've named the best ways
to do it in our latest Hit List.

Being 'Josh'-ed by every Tom, Dick and Harry in middle management? Enjoy data that'll take your pitch from a 'Stan' still to who's in charge in over 360,000 companies Australia-wide. Or 'Seymour' return calls from Accounting firms this EOFY with direct contacts of their principal number crunchers who are sure to fit your 'Bill'.

Plus we're serving up Bob the Builders who run their trade and taking the 'Chase' out of finding the leaders in Manufacturing.

To 'Mark' the new financial year, we're giving you a $100 Visa Gift Card for any orders over $1,500 from the lists below. But only if you buy before 30 June 2011.

Think that's all a 'Rosie' deal? Enter our regular website compeitition for a chance to double your Gift Card Glory. We 'Drew' Emma Lambourne as the winner last time, who scored a $100 Visa Giftcard Scott-free. 'Grace' yourself with something nice Emma!

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Accountants receivable
Bean counters love a bargain and those listed on the Accountants list are no different. This mail, tele and fax data is continually updated so it's as accurate as their spreadsheets. And what's more you'll get the contact details for the Principal Decision Maker of each firm. So you can count on the spending power of the biggest number cruncher of them all.
Add a line to their expenses here.



Deduct taxing middlemen
Tired of Secrataries and Assistants taking up your time? Go straight to who's in charge with the REACH DM (Decision Makers) database. Enjoy direct contact with over 400,000 Decision Makers in areas like IT, Marketing and HR. Plus with 98% deliverability you can feel confident your message will be heard. So if meddling middlemen are pulling down your profits, reach further today.
Break through the barrier here.



Level with top tradies
No matter their age, tradies are great impulse buyers. And with fully personalised data from the Trade & Services REACH DM (Decision Makers) database you can chat with the most senior of them all - the owners and Primary Decision Makers of these trade companies.
What could you fit in their tray?



Girl power pays $100
Wander through our website and search out the number of records available in the Female Professionals and Executives list to score a $100 Visa Gift Card. Email your answer to competition@impactlists.com.au and we'll pick one email at random to be the lucky winner. Start searching our site here to find the answer. For full terms and conditions click here.



Profit from production lines
Bolster your B2B sales by processing leads in the production industry. The Manufacturing database offers contacts at the top of the chain within a variety of companies from Textiles and Clothing to Medical or Agricultural. What's more you can tailor your order of prospects by ANZSIC code or Employee size.
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