It's footy finals time and the pressure is INTENSE.
For business, it's like that every day. So to hit more
of your potential customers on the chest, choose the
expert team at Impact Lists to deliver your message bang on target and stay
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How's this for a game plan for success. We can help you tap into the passion of Clubs and Organisations across Australia for less this month and make them cheer squads for your brand.

If sport isn't your thing, we know whose it is, and can provide A-grade data that lets you invite thousands of enthusiasts in a range of sports to play ball. There's even a list of Sporting Memorabilia fans. So remember, talking to us could be a winning move to build your brand.

Don't forget to take a punt in our regular website competition. There's a speccy $100 Visa Gift Card up for grabs. Lorna Keane scored last time. Why not have a shot now?

And of course it goes without saying, I'm here to help you with any of your list needs and ram home the Impact Lists advantage.

Let's talk it up soon.
Amanda Tannahill


Join the Clubs. 20% off.
The Clubs and Organisations list
has over 65 categories giving you access to the Club Secretary and potentially hundreds of thousands of Members to share your passion. Plus you can score 20% off all purchases
until 30 September.
Enter the inner sanctum here



Good tip for a great result
The Footy Tips database is a smart selection for targeting footy and sport-minded members of a high profile dot com site. If you're looking for a male skew with precise targeting to a range of criteria including age, location, occupation and more, this ticks all the right boxes.
Line up the list benefits



A premier sporting list
Sourced from the 'Australian Lifestyle Survey' we serve up a range of high performance selections. If you're looking to run your message past a range of sporting enthusiasts from all over Australia, it's game on.
Give your product or service
a sporting chance



Big grab. $100 Gift Card
Jump on our website and tell us what are the four football codes on the Sporting Memorabilia Product Buyers List Description? You could snag a $100 Visa Gift Card. Email your answer to and we'll pick one email at random to be the lucky winner. Start searching our site here to find the answer. For full terms and conditions click here.



Test yourself with ADMA
The team at ADMA is offering a course for those marketers keen to get a grip on how testing can lift their marketing ROI stats across a range of channels - digital media, website optimisation, email and direct marketing. Get marketing fit with the skills to run your own tests and evaluate their performance.
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