Now you've taken a bite out of the New Year,
it's time to mix it up with fresh ideas from our
regular Hit List to reach new customers.

To start we've got delectable data for professionals and executives, including 200,000 CEO's with money to burn. And how about this, fresh on the market, be one of the first to access email data from Direct Response buyers who treat themselves with multiple transactions.

We're also serving up compliant customers on a platter, plus some light discussion about how Mail Marketing affects the environment.

And to finish it all off, you'll enjoy our signature website competition where you could be in the running for a tasty $100 Visa Gift Card. Rosie Anderson was the lucky winner last time round - spend up big Rosie.

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Bank on big earners
The more zeros in their pay packet, the more chance to land that deal. That's the rule of thumb behind the Professionals and Executives list. It's the pefect tool for any marketer looking to hit prospects with cash to play. From GPs to Veterinarians the pool of professions is generous. And this month we're being generous too, as any order over $550 gets a $30 Village Movie voucher thrown in.
Get stuck into their salary here.



A new era for DR data
Transcape now gives you more power to drive Direct Response buyers with email. It's unique to the market and mighty effective, linking a prospect's buying history from the last 24 months with their email address. So you can tailor an offer to suit and get a message straight through. And with records from eight of Australia's largest Direct Response groups, it's sure to give you more impact.
Be part of the revolution here.



Canvas compliant clients
An active customer is an easy customer. And with the Cloud Survey database you get them all in one place. Prospects on this list go online to fill out surveys about their lifestyle, interests and finances looking for the right offer to be sent to them. And with Cloud Survey's fully personalised data, you can reach them now
They're waiting. Why are you?



Fax #'s for a $100 fortune
Tell us how many fax numbers are available on the Australian Business Fax list for your chance to win $100 Visa Gift Card. Send an email to with the answer, and we'll pick one email at random to be the lucky winner . Start searching our site here to find the answer. For full terms and conditions click here.



Mail is not a dirty word
In the latest ADMA White Paper, Mail Marketing is put under the spotlight asking the question - how green and sustainable is it? With the latest trends
in the print and paper industry you'd be suprised.
Have a read then recyle later here.



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