Valentines Day may have passed, but you
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To woo you into saving more, we've got a great deal on interested investors who love being chatted up and you get to flirt with them. Or how about 60,000 decision makers from companies who turnover $10 million or more?

But if you're up for something more risqué, let us introduce you to book buyers who are all about mind, body and soul, or lean you towards some lessons to master your craft.

And as a sweetner, why not be daring and enter our regular website competition to win a $100 Visa Gift Card for your loved one. Fran Costigan took home the voucher last time round. And we're sure she's loving it.

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Share investor interaction
When market sensitive investors talk they come to Hot Copper, Australia's leading financial website. Targeting a niche audience, Hot Copper provides users the opportunity to interact with other likeminded investors to pass on hot tips and market updates. And that's where you can capitlise by getting in on the conversation. To give you an opening, we're offering $25K worth of ROS banners, text links and an EDM burst in one bundle for $5K.
Hurry! Offer loses stock March 31.



Track job titles to profit
What's in a name? Not much. But when it comes to job title, being in the know gives you an angle to sell. bData offers access to over 60,000 decision makers in areas like IT, HR, Marketing, Finance and Sales with a wide range of job titles to help tailor your approach. It's updated and driven by personnel movement and market updates. So you can always be sure you're speaking to the boss.
Look further up the ladder here.



Leverage better living
Those that live healthy could make you wealthy with the Rodale Books database. It's full of vegan, vego, yogalates loving prospects who dine on offers that are nutritious for the body and mind. 88% female and mostly 40+, they buy books to continue to enrich their being. Could you enlighten them further with a charity request or catalogue to suit?
Give health concious a 'chai' here.



Martins mark for $100
Tell us the deliverability target for the Martins database for your chance to get a $100 Visa Gift Card delivered to you. Simply email with the answer, and we'll pick one email at random to be the lucky winner. Start searching our site here to find the answer. For full terms and conditions click here.



Short courses go far
We all know continued education is key to success in Marketing, but who has the time to sit through a semester? ADMA Short Courses are perfect for the needs of any time-savvy professional who can only afford a day to upgrade their skills. It could be the bump you need to reach the next rung up the ladder.
Study your schooling options here.



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