Yep, that one special day in September is here.
It's time for our second Hit List.

Oh, and once the excitement of all Australia's sporting traditions is
over for the winter, there's still plenty of time to reach new customers. How? It's easy.

Have you considered the 500k + email addresses on the RewardsCentral database? This month you can get 20% extra names for free for bookings before 30 September. And the Executive and Professionals database still has no set-up fees.

Or how about the Time Magazine subscription list being offered for the first time ever! That's sure to give you a captive, clever audience. And don't forget our Aussie farmers database. We've got them all from Beef farmers to the obscure Bee farmers. They might be a little odd, but they're still ready to buy.

Plus there's another important event to add to your calendar. The ADMA Seminar on Driving Sales through Direct Mail. At this unique event you can pit your wits in an interactive session to see if you're Smarter than a Direct Marketer.

And our regular website competition is on again, and there's another
Ipod Nano up for grabs. We hope last months winner Sven Samild is rockin' out to a few tunes.

Go Saints.
Jackie Chappell


Rewarding rewarders
RewardsCentral members come from all corners of Australia and have signed up to shop, bid and receive exclusive offers online. And this month, we'll give you 20% extra email addresses for free when you run an eDM campaign to members. Remember, these members want to be reached, so reward them with a great offer and reward yourself with extra names. That's a lot of rewarding to be had.
Make it happen here



Time to get serious
You know that magazine that's been around as long as you remember full of insightful articles and amazing photo-journalism? No? Well there's 42,300 current subscribers that have above average incomes that do. And you can now reach them for the first time ever! With 43% on incomes 80k+ and 60% in upper social groups, this is now a seriously new serious way to get your serious message across.
Seriously, can you afford not too?



Where's the beef?
Or the cheese? Or the honey? Or the olives? Or the other delicacies you wouldn't know are farmed. Well they're all here. A list of 113,466 farmers Australia-wide with phone numbers for 95% of contacts. We know they provide lots of important foods to us, but what can you offer them in return?
Cultivate future sales here



Industry search 4 an iPod
Tell us how many Industry Decision Makers have opted in to this email list (mainly because they want to be at the forefront of industry information) and you could win. Simply send an email to with the answer, and we'll pick one email at random to be the lucky winner who receives a brand new iPod Nano. Start searching our site here to find the answer. For full terms and conditions click here.



ADMA's 'Are you smarter?'
Think you know a lot about Direct Marketing? Well this should test you. As part of a seminar on driving innovation and strategy through mail, you can join Mike Chuter, Managing Partner at Cubed Communications as he rates five test mail packs. You can nominate your favorites and see who comes out on top.
All the dates, info and tickets are here



That's it for September.
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