Open new doors this October and get more reach
with the data opportunities we're offering at
Impact Lists. In this month's email we're profiling lists
to help with aussie businesses, book readers and investors searching for ways to make more bank.

The Business Australia List provides comprehensive non-personalised data on a range of business types. Narrow down which of the 2,600 business sectors you want to hit, then hand pick a selection to suit from virtually every company in Australia.

If you're after dedicated customer prospects who like to read up on their products we also have info-seeking investors and literary loving book clubbers at your disposal.

Don't forget, our website competition is on again with another iPod Nano up for grabs. And take it from last month's iPod winner Charlie Carter - you too can win. Charlie took home the $100 Visa voucher in June. Proving the odds are in your favour.

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Talk B2B by business title
Line up businesses by the line of work they're in and knock down
over 680,000 companies with the Business Australia List. With this list you can blanket a whole state with your B2B message or tap a specific business type by postcode. The best part is you can address your message to a generic position title. So whether it's CEO, CFO or Chief of Lunch Orders, you're sure to get in touch. In October get 10% off the normal price before COB on the 31st.
Get into a good position here.



Email in depth investors
The market has gained momentum again and so have investors.
These days Australian, NZ and
Asian investors are turning to the
Australian Investment Review for
in depth market advice and tips.
This magazine attracts an audience that's actively interested in
investment solutions. And on the flipside, has created a database of active prospects you can email
about your financial product.
Win Wall Street wannabes here.



Beckon bookworms
You can't keep a good book down
and the same goes for good book readers. Taken from the largest general interest book club in Australia, the Book Buyers List
offers avid readers who respond to direct mail and product offers like
wild fire. What could you put in
writing for them?
Give them the next chapter here.



Executives 4 ear pleaser
Search our website and tell us how many Executives there are on the IncNet NZ List and you could win. Simply send an email to with the answer, and we'll pick one email at random to be the lucky winner who receives a brand new iPod Nano. Start searching our site here to find the answer. For full terms and conditions click here.



Above and beyond for DM
The Australian Direct Marketing Association has just launched a very interesting paper highlighting how above the line activities are now presenting with more characteristics of direct marketing. It seems customer focussed interactions are pulling results where more traditional communication strategies have failed.
Read how direct it's all getting here.



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