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November Edition
Delivering up-to-date lists, insight and advice for effective email campaigns, for over 10 years.


Gain greater insight into your customers

Data profiling your customers can improve your marketing efficiency and boost your ROI with better targeting and reduced wastage. Impact Lists can verify your crucial customer data to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date. We can also enhance your data by adding phone numbers, contacts, industry type, company size by number of employees and more. We can even grow your customer base by identifying new prospects for you.

Want to reach the top 1,000 companies?

The Top 1,000 Companies list comprises the largest and best performing listed, private, government and foreign-owned enterprises in Australia. It gives you direct access to powerful executive decision makers with large budgets. You can select by Employee Size, Job Title, Industry (ANZSIC Code) and Location. The list is meticulously researched, constantly updated and has an industry leading 98% deliverability. It also comes with our REACH DM Guarantee - any inaccurate records returned within 60 days will be refunded at the same rate they were charged.

What value can your List Broker add?

Information now rules in marketing. So it's vital that your data is not mismanaged. As a list broker, Impact Lists provides independent recommendations, so you access the best lists for your campaigns. We're not restricted to providing just one list. We give you access to every marketing list commercially available. Plus we charge the same rates as the list owners, as we're paid a commission by them when we use their lists. So you pay no more, but with Impact Lists you receive our expertise, advice, management and list knowledge for free.

Make sure you keep busy with smarter targeting over the festive season. Call me to discuss how Impact Lists can help you.

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