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the goal-line for an easier shot at your targets.

If you jump on a Transcape list before 31 May, we'll provide you with a FREE customer profiling report from your data. Check the stats below for more information.

Here's one not to forget. You can email 900,000 Australian members who are actively seeking out past acquaintances through, and kick your message directly to specific audiences. Or tackle transport managers in companies with 300+ employees to really drive your sales home.

If you want to push the boundaries of your existing data, don't miss ADMA's succesful data segmentation secrets. Plus, call on your 19th man to answer this month's competiton on the National List of Health and Fitness, just like Sonny Sethi did last month.

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Transcape is offering FREE profiling of your B2C client file. Give us your file, when you place an order before 31 May, we'll give you a geo-demographic report back so you know where and what kind of customers you have.

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All the right moves
If it's game on to target those with a reminiscent streak, you should sign up to - a unique social networking website made up of 900,000 Australian people searching for friends from the past. When you're ready to talk to them for your next acquisition campaign, you'll be sure to hit the mark with age, full name, gender and specific interest segmentation.

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Take your key position
The IncNet Fleet Managers database has a key focus on large companies in Oz, and over in NZ with our Kiwi buddies too. Immense research has gone into this database, which targets upper management who oversee a company's vehicle purchase and maintenance needs.

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Score this season
Want to talk to fitness buffs around Oz? Get the National List of Health and Fitness Services and you'll be targeting everything from gyms and health clubs to personal trainers and martial arts schools. Want to win $100? Tell us how many records are on the list and email us here. For terms and conditions click here.

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Mark this date!
The ADMA Data Day is always full of super insights - and this time it includes
a session on successful data segmentation to help you understand its value within an organisation.

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