With February already here, we're ripping through
2012 faster than a top Ozzie spin bowler!
As Australia's most trusted list Professionals,
let us help you aim for a superb innings in 2012!

First up to bat is the MarketBase and AssetLink lists with no set-up fees when you rent over 2,000 records or more (usually $350). Howzat!

Looking to reach medical professionals? Get your strike rate up with the Doctors and Specialists list and start contacting over 30 types of medics in Australia. Or why not bowl over the IT Decision Makers in Schools now that the holidays are over?

B2B, B2C got you stumped? The RewardsCentral list will make it simpler for you to reach online savvy consumers who currently spend over $20 million in sales per year.

What could be better than a hat trick? The ADMA B2B Marketing Seminar will help you keep up with the play with the latest industry developments.

Call me and let's knock 'em all for 6s!
Amanda Tannahill



Save $350. Bonza!
Stay focused on the game and reach C-level decsion makers of top companies with the MarketBase and AssetLink lists. With a 98% accuracy rate and a saving of $350, when you order 2000 or more records, you'll start knocking those figures out of the park!

Score $350 off



Deliver to Docs
The Doctors and Specialists list will get you in contact with over 30 types of medical professionals. Plus, it's updated daily and you'll have access to over 80% of telephone numbers. Don't wait for the umpire on this one.

Amp up your business run rate



Score a hit with IT
Start contacting technology minded fans of the third umpire with the IT Decision Makers in Schools list. The best part - you can contact them by email, mail, phone or even by good old fax, if you're that way inclined. With a 98% accuracy rate, you'll be getting the right results in no time.

Get on the right pitch



Meet your match
Online communities is what RewardsCentral is made for. It gives Aussies access to exclusive offers and generates over $20 million of sales. Right now, you can not only reach them, but you could score a $100 Visa Gift Card by telling us how many RewardsCentral members there are in Australia. Go on, give it your best shot and email us here For terms and conditions click here.

Bump up your revenue


Duck out to ADMA
Stay in the loop with ADMA'S B2B Marketing Seminar and get your head around new developments like holistic content marketing, social media lead generation and marketing automation best practices.

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Make it happen for your business this century. Call me on 1300 554 671 or email me at amanda@impactlists.com.au


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