How are lists sourced?

Lists are created from a variety of sources. These include   Read More »

How does the Pricing Structure work?

Pricing varies from list to list however the price usually consi…   Read More »

What is Personalised and Non-personalised Data?

A list is said to be personalised when an individuals name is pr…   Read More »

What formats are Lists available in?

The most common list formats are Microsoft Excel, CSV    Read More »

What are List Channels?

Lists are available for Postal, Telemarketing, Fax, Email and SMS

What are B2B & B2C lists?

B2B - Business-to-Business lists target individuals at a busines…   Read More »

What is the difference between Data Rental and Data Purchase?

Generally a rental list is supplied for a single use only. Renta…   Read More »

Why do I need to supply a Sample of the Promotional Material?

Most list owners require a copy of the mail piece, email creativ…   Read More »

Will my list be sent directly to me?

The majority of lists can be sent directly to you. Some lists ma…   Read More »

How are lists protected from Unauthorised Use?

All lists are protected from misuse by the use of seeded or fals…   Read More »

What is the Deliverability Guarantee?

Impact Lists provides a deliverability Guarantee for all lists s…   Read More »

What should I do with Undeliverable Mail?

It is normal to receive undeliverable mail regardless of how acc…   Read More »

What do I need to know about the DNCR?

The Do Not Call Register (DNCR) has been set up by the Federal G…   Read More »

Does Impact Lists Supply Data that is DNCR compliant?

Impact Lists can undertake the screening process on behalf of th…   Read More »

What is a DPID?

A Delivery Point Identifier is a unique eight digit number which…   Read More »

What do I need to know about the Spam Act 2003?

Australia‚Äôs anti-spam legislation, the Spam Act 2003, covers ema…   Read More »

Can Impact Lists help me to find look-a-like prospects?

We can help you identify look-a-like prospects by Data Profiling…   Read More »

Can Impact Lists help me improve the quality of my data?

Increase your return on investment by ensuring your data is of t…   Read More »

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