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Don't underestimate this tried and true channel

In this era of multi-channel digital marketing it's easy to overlook some really effective traditional ways to contact customers. Many of our clients achieve a great ROI using broadcast fax. It's an excellent way to get your message out quickly and cost-effectively. You can target by industry type and size of company. You can also target specific decision makers and merge their contact details into the fax document.

Reach female professionals and executives

Want to speak with female professionals with a high disposable income? This fully personalised, meticulously researched and updated list can put you directly in touch with female doctors, dentists, business owners, CEOs and executives from a variety of industries. Customising your communications to these high earning Australian female professionals will deliver the results you are looking for. Comes with the a guarantee of a refund for any inaccurate records returned within 60 days.

Want more of your 'best customers'?

Data profiling is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing. You identify your best performing customers, then Impact Lists can 'wash' them against one or more databases to pinpoint their key characteristics. We can then use these profiles to identify 'look alike' prospects for you. Data profiling can help ensure you maximise your return on investment by marketing to prospects who are most likely to respond to your offer.

Start the new financial year with smarter targeting and channel selection.
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