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If you’re looking for a specific group of consumers, we know where they can be found. Tell us who you’re looking for and we’ll put you in touch with them.

Speak to affluent, working families


Working families are great consumers of products and services and a good resource for specific fundraising activities. If you want to reach more of them, we can help. The Cohort Survey Responders list puts you in touch with consumers who have responded to various online lifestyle surveys. You can search the data using a range of lifestyle interests, as well as attitudes toward charities and affluence indicators, including homeownership, household income and marital status.

Target by recent purchasing behaviour



When you’re looking for the right consumers to target for your campaigns, leveraging information about their recent purchasing behaviour can be a great way to boost your response rates. Transcape contains the combined transactional information of hundreds of thousands of multi-buying households. Only activity recorded over the previous 24 months is used, ensuring the list’s reliability as a source of actual, current purchasing behaviour. Profiling options allow you to identify households known to be responsive or those who have shown consistently high spend over their purchasing lifetime.

Connect with buyers' lifestyle interests


Understanding what consumers think and feel about their purchases can help you define who is most likely to respond to your offers. BehaviourBase is a unique list constructed from in-product surveys completed by consumers who have purchased a variety of high-ticket items. The list can be used to target a wide range of consumers. You can target individuals who are receptive to buying through mail order, those with interests in stocks and shares, or those whose lifestyle most closely reflects your product or service.


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