As July marks America's fresh start in history,
you too can declare your customer database free
to use with the great data services in our latest Hit List.
'Wash' your lists today so they're spangled with only star prospects for better ROI.

Can we improve your existing customer data? Yes we can – through Data Profiling. Simply give us your list and we'll give you back more prospects with traits similar to your best customers. Or let us give your address data the once-over for accuracy,
so your mail offers don't end up in the Grand Canyon.

Plus we highlight a way to check your phone numbers haven't gone 'South of the Border' and how to keep your fax broadcasts allied with the DNCR.

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Y'all give me a call, you hear.
Amanda Tannahill


Find fourscore the buyers
New clients are good, but 'Big Spenders' are a marketer's best friend and we can help you get them with Data Profiling. Send us your database and we'll 'wash' your best performing clients against our lists to produce a Profile Report of their characteristics. We'll then use this to find a new set of 'diamond clients' for you, with similiar buying traits. It's a sure-fire way to enhance your customer aquisition and increase your ROI.
Prospect 'diamond buyers' here.



Test lands are not free
Tired of 'Return to Sender' responses from mail marketing, or worse, no response at all ? Save on wasted postage costs by making sure your database's addresses are accurate with our Data Hygiene Services. Simply give us your list of address data and we'll 'wash' it for near perfect accuracy so that your parcels, letters and offers are sure to get through.
Get accuracy like FedEx here.



Get phones you can brave
Disconnected numbers can disconnect you from future profit. What's worse, calling the wrong contact reflects badly on your brand to new customers. Clean up your records today with our Data Hygiene Services. Simply give us your list of numbers and we'll weed out the old from the good and give you back a clean, fresh list to work with.
Declare customer lines open here.



Hit List 4 Hollywood $100
Fancy a night at the movies? How about $100 worth of nights? Jump on our website and search out the number of Hit List Newsletters we've uploaded and you could score a $100 Village Movie Gift Card. Email your answer to and we'll pick one email at random to be the lucky winner. Start searching our site here to find the answer. For full terms and conditions click here.



Do-not-call border patrol
DNCR rules can be tricky. Abiding by them when it comes to a fax broadcast is no different. The most important thing to remember is that prior to any broadcast a list must be washed against the DNCR. We make sure ours are. Also certain details must be listed on the fax itself. But never fear, we've all the tips to keep you in check on our website.
Stay above the laws here.



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