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List  #      B-142
Quantity 10,049 Schools

Geographic Breakdown:

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Combined 9 260 44 219 135 50 180 177 1,074
Primary 88 2,205 118 1,217 556 181 1,700 699 6,764
Secondary 33 624 25 290 119 54 474 159 1,778
Special 11 141 5 55 32 14 115 60 433
TOTAL 141 3,230 192 1,781 842 299 2,469 1,095 10,049


  • Primary
  • Government
  • Secondary
  • Private
  • Special
  • Enrolment Size
  • Catholic

Data types

data type mail data type telemarketing data type faxing data type email

Pricing – Rates Per Thousand:

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Data Formats: Rates per 1000: Set Up: Min. Order: Deliverability:
Rental of Postal Data $120.00 $150.00 $400.00


Postal Data Only

Rental of Telemarketing Data $120.00 $150.00 $400.00  
Rental of Email Data $120.00 $150.00 $400.00  
Rental of Fax Data $120.00 $150.00 $400.00  
Purchase of Postal, Tele, Email & Fax Data $180.00 $150.00 $400.00


Postal Data Only

10% GST applies to all pricing, including the minimum order requirement.
Please Note: Delivery of Email
The email address supplied is the "advertised" general email address for the school.  B2E/S (education/schools) email systems and marketing are unique and marketer must be aware of the following issues that may cause bounce backs and delivery issues.

1.  DNS Address - Spam filters can pick up a mismatch between the actual address and the sending address on incoming emails.  So if a user sends from their desktop using their company domain email address and they are hosted by Big Pond the filters can pick up that there is a mismatch and bounce the incoming mail if it's seen to be coming in bulk.
2.  Attachments - Overload the outgoing or receiving server with multiple copies of the attachment. Most departments of education systems will routinely bounce or delete bulk messages with attachments to the generic school address. 
3.  Bulk Broadcast – It is recommended that only 100 or so emails are sent at a time, mixed through the various school systems to prevent the emails hitting the departments of education servers all at once. This usually results in the messages being bounced or deleted.
4.  Keywords - if a subject line or the body text of the email has a keyword flagged by the departments of education systems the email will be bounced or deleted.  Anything sales related can be suspect.
5.  White List - NSW Department of Education staff can only access websites approved by the department and who are on the "white list".  This maybe used as a filter for incoming emails.. 
6. Pull Servers - The departments of education systems can recognise emails containing a box in the body of the text which will display and image a few seconds after being opened.
7.  Full Mail Boxes - A number of schools do not use their generic address at all and never empty their mail box therefore a large number of emails are returned from full in-boxes. 
8.  Closed Systems - Some schools only allow emails from registered users, parents must submit their email for "white listing" so they can be received. Therefore email sent from those not on the list are bounced back as illegal users.

Formats Available

CSVCSV Image ExcelExcel Image Additional fee of $40 per 1,000 and $25 delivery


2-3 Working Days


  • A sample mail piece, telemarketing script, fax sample or email creative is required upon ordering for approval by the list owner
  • Lists are seeded with false names to detect unauthorised use
  • Payment is required prior to supply unless otherwise arranged
  • Written order confirmation and the completion of our List Supply Agreement is required prior to the supply of data


  • Unless specified the list is supplied for a one time use only
  • The list is not available for competitive products
  • Copying of any list is strictly prohibited
  • Unless otherwise approved the list is to be processed by an independent Mailing House, Fax Broadcaster or Email Broadcaster


  • See List FAQ's for details on pricing calculation
  • Pricing subject to change without notice
  • Quantities available may vary upon the production of the actual list
  • Additional charges may apply for complicated selections or count requests

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