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Australian Seniors

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Quantity 260,000+ Members

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Pricing – Rates Per Thousand:

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Data Formats: Rates per 1000: Set Up: Min. Order: Deliverability:
Rental of Email Data 10,000 -20,000 records $770.00 $350.00 10,000 records 100%
Rental of Email Data 20,000 – 40,000 records $550.00 $350.00   100%
Rental of Email Data 40,000 – 50,000  records $440.00 $350.00   100%
Rental of Email Data 50,000 -100,000 records $330.00 $350.00   100%
Rental of Email Data 100,000+ records $290.00 $350.00   100%
Email Entire File $500.00 No Charge   100%

10% GST applies to all pricing, including the minimum order requirement.

Please Note:
  • The Email Broadcast must be conducted by the list owner. Please provide your document as an HTML file. The list owner will insert their header and footer to this and conduct the email broadcast.
  • Set Up Fee includes Email Broadcast
  • Only two send outs per week are completed to maximize response and minimize opt out’s
Formats Available:  In addition to Solus eDM broadcasts, Banners (CPM), Advertorial, Sponsorships and Presentation Packages are also available (Price On Application)

Formats Available

CSVCSV Image ExcelExcel Image


2-3 Working Days


  • A sample HTML creative is required upon ordering for approval by the list owner
  • Payment is required prior to supply of the data or the email broadcast unless otherwise arranged.
  • Written order confirmation and the completion of our List Supply Agreement is required prior to the supply or email broadcast.


  • Unless specified the list is supplied for a one time use only
  • Copying of any list is strictly prohibited
  • Unless otherwise approved the list is to be processed by an independent Email Broadcaster


  • See List FAQ's for details on pricing calculation
  • Pricing subject to change without notice
  • Quantities available may vary upon the production of the actual list
  • Additional charges may apply for complicated selections or count requests

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