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List  #      NZB-13
Quantity 1,629 Records

Data types

data type mail data type telemarketing data type email


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Industry Type Total
A - Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing 26
B - Mining 2
C - Manufacturing 367
D - Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 13
E - Construction 47
F - Wholesale Trade 185
G - Retail Trade 124
H - Accommodation and Food Services 32
I - Transport, Postal and Warehousing 47
J - Information Media and Telecommunications 50
K - Financial and Insurance Services 72
L - Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services 82
M - Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 193
N - Administrative and Support Services 65
O - Public Administration and Safety 53
P - Education and Training 67
Q - Health Care and Social Assistance 51
R - Arts and Recreation Services 64
S - Other Services 89
Total 1,629

Pricing - Rates per Thousand

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Data Type Rates per 1000: Set up: Minimum Order: Deliverability:
Personalised Purchase Rate
Postal Data $600.00 $250.00 NIL 98%
Telemarketing Data $600.00 $250.00 NIL  
Postal & Telemarketing Data $800.00 $250.00 NIL  
Postal & Email Data $1000.00 $250.00 NIL  
Telemarketing & Email Data $1000.00 $250.00 NIL  
Postal, Telemarketing & Email Data $1200.00 $250.00 NIL  
Non Personalised Purchase Rate (excludes First Name & Surname)
Postal Data $400.00 $250.00 NIL  
Telemarketing Data $400.00 $250.00 NIL  
Postal & Telemarketing Data $600.00 $250.00 NIL  
10% GST applies to all pricing

NOTE: Email Data cannot be purchased as a single data type.

Formats Available

CSVCSV Image ExcelExcel Image


2-3 Working Days


  • A sample mail piece, telemarketing script, fax sample or email creative is required upon ordering for approval by the list owner
  • Lists are seeded with false names to detect unauthorised use
  • Payment is required prior to supply unless otherwise arranged
  • Written order confirmation and the completion of our List Supply Agreement is required prior to the supply of data


  • Unless specified the list is supplied for a one time use only
  • The list is not available for competitive products
  • Copying of any list is strictly prohibited
  • Unless otherwise approved the list is to be processed by an independent Mailing House, Fax Broadcaster or Email Broadcaster


  • See List FAQ's for details on pricing calculation
  • Pricing subject to change without notice
  • Quantities available may vary upon the production of the actual list
  • Additional charges may apply for complicated selections or count requests

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