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Titlebase Property Database

List  #      NZC-06
Quantity Approx 1.5 Million Records


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  • Mortgage Present
  • Mortgagor (ie ASB, BNZ)
  • Dwelling Type
  • Geographic Area
  • Date of Mortgage
  • Census Information (ie Income, Age)

Data Selections:
Premium Financial & Demographic Available Level of Granularity
  • Assesses the relative credit risk of people living in a given neighbourhood
  • Meshblock
Consumer Demographic  
  • Geo-demographic segmentation – life stage, family structure, education, household income, wealth
  • Meshblock
Density Indicator  
  • Provides as indication of the density of housing in neighbourhood
  • Meshblock
Disposable Income  
  • Indicates the relative average household purchasing power of a neighbourhood
  • Meshblock
Dwelling Type  
  • Duplex, Low – Medium – High density Housing Estate
  • Household
Employment Indicator  
  • Provides a relative measure of the unemployment rate for neighbourhoods
  • Meshblock
  • Classifies each person by gender
  • Individual
Census Factors
  • Meshblock
Titlebase Selections  
Length of Tenure  
  • Provides and indication of the length of time occupants of a given household have been in residence. 7 bands – 0-6mths to 10 years +
  • Household
  • Identifies neighbourhoods as being either metro or rural areas
  • Meshblock
Rental Indicator  
  • Provides an indication of the rental rate within a neighbourhood
  • Household
Land Size
  • Household

Data types

data type mail data type telemarketing

Pricing – Rates Per Thousand:

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Data Formats: Rates per 1000: Set Up: Min. Order: Deliverability:
Rental of Postal Data $350.00 $350.00 $650.00 95%
Rental of Telemarketing Data $590.00 $350.00 $650.00  
Premium Financial & Demographic Selects $90.00      
Driving Force Selects $30.00      
Titlebase Selects $20.00      
Data Supplied:
  • Contact Name - Title (where available), First Name or Initial, Surname
  • Postal Address with postcode (May be physical or postal)
10% GST applies to all pricing, including the minimum order requirement.

Formats Available

CSVCSV Image ExcelExcel Image Additional fee of $40 per 1,000 and $25 delivery


2-3 Working Days


  • A sample mail piece, telemarketing script, fax sample or email creative is required upon ordering for approval by the list owner
  • Lists are seeded with false names to detect unauthorised use
  • Payment is required prior to supply unless otherwise arranged
  • Written order confirmation and the completion of our List Supply Agreement is required prior to the supply of data


  • Unless specified the list is supplied for a one time use only
  • The list is not available for competitive products
  • Copying of any list is strictly prohibited
  • Unless otherwise approved the list is to be processed by an independent Mailing House, Fax Broadcaster or Email Broadcaster


  • See List FAQ's for details on pricing calculation
  • Pricing subject to change without notice
  • Quantities available may vary upon the production of the actual list
  • Additional charges may apply for complicated selections or count requests

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