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August Edition
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Seniors are a healthy market segment

Health conscious seniors form a highly desirable market segment. As baby boomers age, their tendency to spend on themselves, especially on their health and wellbeing, makes them a very attractive and profitable target group. This new list has only just become available, and it continues to grow with new, up-to-date records being added each month.

The list for multi-channel campaigns

The Cohort Survey Responders List provides an excellent opportunity if you are looking to execute a campaign that combines mail and telemarketing. Plus, you can add email addresses for a three pronged multi-channel marketing campaign. You can slice and dice this list with many geo-demographic selections, making it a very effective way to find the prospects you want to talk to.

Target those most likely to transact with you

We have two databases containing contact details for Australian households that are known responders to direct marketing offers, making them more likely to respond to your offers. Transcape offers the combined consumer transactional information from eight of Australia's largest direct response organisations. The Fusion database contains consumers who have purchased products via direct marketing channels, making them great targets.

Make your end of winter campaigns a success with these smart ways to target consumers.
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